Just chillin’


A coda to my ‘Wild food and wildlife’ post of a couple of weeks ago. Last Sunday morning we discovered a little pile of wood shavings in the doorway to the lounge, where one corner of the French door had been delicately gnawed and a little patch of carpet had been grazed back to its roots. Continue reading “Just chillin’”

Otago gold: poplars, caramel and baby poo


The calendar signals a change of season, and right on cue the first smudges of autumn orange appear on the poplars on the road into Wanaka. A few saplings on Hawea Flat are already bright gold; the straw-gold of summer wheatfields and grasslands will soon be upstaged by the citrus brights of autumn. Continue reading “Otago gold: poplars, caramel and baby poo”