Tempus fugit


Awww, don’t be sad, people… I’m not sad! It’s been an amazing year, and I wouldn’t have traded a minute of it, but like I said earlier, a year has been exactly the right length of time. And now that we’re getting ready to head back, my thoughts are turning daily to the things I’ll love about being home. Continue reading “Tempus fugit”

Anniversaries and olfactory absences


Another birthday. A year on already from that humdrum, stressed-out, deadline-ridden day last year – the day itself a non-event, but the milestone, of course, the excuse on which I’ve hung this whole wonderful adventure. Continue reading “Anniversaries and olfactory absences”

High maintenance schmaintenance

So how are those austerity measures working for us?

Well, we’re drinking less, and eating fewer Dollop puddings, and that’s surely a good thing. The kids are receiving fewer indulgences – sushi, theatre visits, book fair purchases, the latest club T-shirts – and cheerfully taking this in their stride as part of the necessary collective sacrifice. Continue reading “High maintenance schmaintenance”

Older and hairier

Well, there’s plenty to love about being 40. I wouldn’t go back to being a clueless dumbfuck 20 year old for a million bucks. And I wouldn’t go back to my 30s and early parenthood for any money. Experience, confidence, being comfortable in my own skin – all the usual cliches about age over youth. Good career, disposable income, even if I am about to throw all that away. Continue reading “Older and hairier”

Sorry, sweetheart

A few years ago, on my husband’s 40th birthday, we organised a completely indulgent day out. We spent the day skiing at Snowplanet, went for dinner at The French Cafe where we had the mind-blowing (and almost defeating) 10-course degustation menu with wine matches and spent the night at The Langham, followed by a late leisurely breakfast – all while someone else coped with our children, which was pretty much the biggest deal of all. Continue reading “Sorry, sweetheart”