Nanny status


We need an after-school kid looker-afterer! Our boys say they don’t need nannying, they don’t want to be babysat, and they don’t much like the sound of being minded. But they do need someone there when they get home from school, to ask about their day, stop them bingeing on biscuits and fighting, kick a ball around sometimes and gently bully them into their homework and chores. You’ll need plenty of patience and the ability to be firm when they push it… Continue reading “Nanny status”

Lippy kids


Always a boy who needs to feel part of the tribe, Number Two Son tends his accent with the same care he gives his footballer’s quiff in the morning mirror. He works to eliminate his Kiwi short ‘e’, that giveaway vowel, as mockable as the Australian short ‘i’.

‘Axcellint,’ he says to himself. ‘Avrything. Agg.’ Continue reading “Lippy kids”