One fish, two fish, big fish, no fish


Our boys do pine a little for life in their leafy city suburb by the sea – mostly for a few particular friends, their cousins and their cricket club – but they’re the first to admit that they love their new country life too. Continue reading “One fish, two fish, big fish, no fish”

Two steps domesticated, one step feral


This house, this outlook, this routine. A parallel universe, governed by subtly altered laws of physics: a life both recognisable and profoundly different.

The most obvious recalibration in this looking-glass world is the perfect inversion of the time-money equation. Continue reading “Two steps domesticated, one step feral”

Contents and discontents


So, our Hawea house is perfectly nice, but the contents… well, not so much. Unsurprising, of course, for a cheap rental with a high tenant turnover.

When we arrive, the airing cupboard is stuffed to the ceiling with musty duvet inners, stained mattress protectors, fraying towels and mismatched sheets and pillowcases in an assortment of prints from the 70s, 80s, 90s and today. Continue reading “Contents and discontents”